Wednesday, February 6, 2008

She wants that lovey-dovey, that kiss-kiss.

It's funny; most people claim they hate Valentine's Day and everything associated with it, but this most hallowed of Hallmark holidays generates billions of dollars in revenue year after year, so somebody must be lying. It isn't me. I love Valentine's Day. I think it's cute and harmless and honestly, given the kind of violent culture we're immersed in, it's a bit reassuring that there's a day devoted to the celebration of love. Too many of us neglect to tell our loved ones that we care about them... and even though yes, every day should technically be Valentine's Day, circumstances kind of make that impossible.

Even the timing of the holiday works in everyone's favor; the cold weather has lost its wintry lustre by February, and with everyone suddenly suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Valentine's Day comes as a welcome distraction for many. Everyone loves somebody, be it a spouse, a significant other, a relative, a child, a pet or a stuffed animal. Why hate on a holiday devoted to something so fundamental and good?

Okay, so the pressure to consume is harsh. But there shouldn't be a benchmark for gift-giving, only options for those who choose to give. As florists, we're just giving people a chance to make their loved ones happy on a fun holiday. I mean, I'm definitely not opposed to singing teddy bears or chocolates or even jewelry, but if you want to give a gift on Valentine's Day, why not opt for something created by nature to commemorate the most natural bond shared by human beings? Hmm? See, we make a good case.

The Valentine's Day collection is up on the website; go check it out. Order early for peace of mind - yours and ours. We sold out of roses last year and we may very well again. You can buy the arrangement pictured below for a mere $40.00 plus delivery. Why not do so now?

As for me, all I'm hoping for on Valentine's Day is Chinese takeout. Nothing says love like a) flowers (for you) and b) sesame beef in a carton (for me.)