Saturday, August 9, 2014

For your floral information...

Here is the official flower for each province and territory in Canada, as well as the year it was made official.

                           British Colombia:  Pacific Dogwood

 This has been their official flower since 1956. It grows on very tall trees in the months of April and May

                                   Alberta : Wild Rose    

In 1930, school children chose this to be their flower. It can be found from Quebec to B.C.

                               Saskatchewan:Western Red Lily

This tall flower can be found in meadows and in 1941 became Saskatchewan's official flower.
                                  Manitoba: Prairie Crocus

In 1906, this lavender colored flower was voted in by the school children. You can find it flowering in the early springtime.

                                Ontario: White Trillium

In 1937 this three petal, three leafed flower was made this provinces official flower. It grows in the forest in the spring.

                                Quebec: Blue Flag Iris 

This Iris family flower is relatively new as Quebec's official flower. It used to be The Madonna Lily (for about 36 years). But this flower is not native to Quebec, so in 1999 it was changed to the Blue Flag Iris.

                               New Brunswick: Purple Violet  

In wet meadows and forests you can find this province's official flower. It has had this title since 1936.

                               Nova Scotia: Mayflower   

 Named after the ship that carried early American settlers (1620), this flower can be found growing all along the east coast. In 1901 it has earned its title as Nova Scotia's  floral emblem.

                         Prince Edward Island: Lady's Slipper

This flower that resembles a ladies shoe, grows in the cool shade of the forest, and blooms in early spring. It has been P.E.I.'s flower since 1947 

                  Newfoundland and Labrador: Picture Plant

This carnivorous plant is justly named. It can hold water like a picture, the insects go in and are trapped. It's uniqueness has been honored by Newfoundland and Labrador since 1954 as its provincial flower.

                                Yukon Territory: Fireweed

In 1957 the Yukon Territory chose the Fireweed as its floral emblem. This flower grows along rivers and road sides, and in open spaces. It is the first plant to grow after a fire, thus its appropriate name.

                             Northwest Territory:Mountain Avens 

This small white flower became this Territory's flower in 1957. It is able to grow in high altitude among the rocks.

                           Nunavut Territory: Purple Saxifraga

This small bright purple flower can be found all over the Nunavut Territory. It grows in cool climates and covers the rocks like a mat. Makes sense as why it is their flower since the year 2000

       Canada as a country does not have its own particular flower, but our beloved maple leaf, which is its unofficial emblem.