Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31, New Years Eve 2015,

   Well here we are again, the final day of the year 2015. We’ve had our first of probably many wintery storms. We are Montrealers though, so we are well adept to the handling of a shovel.

 We can’t really complain about winter so far, the temperatures have been very kind to us, much better than last year! Then again, truth be said, we all love to complain about the weather for some reason or It’s the topic of many conversations.

   I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas, or Chanukah, or simply a nice few days off work to relax.  I always find that the holidays somehow find a way to creep up on me. Oh I know when they are, and we get busier the closer they get, but it’s always a matter of..” what, it’s Christmas eve tomorrow!!” Yep, run, run, run, lots of things that need to be done. So we go crazy with our last minute shopping, cooking and decorating, to have things just perfect for Christmas. Then it’s over, whew, and was it all worth it....Of course!! And we’ll all be doing it again next year.

    Then there’s Boxing Day. I personally feel that the true the meaning of Boxing Day, is not about the shopping and great deals (which usually are not quite so great), it’s the, I can relax now day. Let’s rename “boxing day” to “quiet day”, yep, works for me! Though I do apologize to those who work in the department stores, it is anything but quiet day for you guys!

   After all that we have New Years Eve. For some it is as big a day as Christmas. I know many who make it a point to go out and celebrate, or have people over to ring in the New Year. I say to all, go and have your fun! Let’s face it, we celebrate the fact we made it through another year, and we celebrate the hope that the next year will be better. What better reason to raise a glass and have some cheer!

  So I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has helped make this year as good a one that it has been, and hope we all have an even better one next year (there is always room for improvement, right?)!

Cheers to all!!
Happy New Year!