Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day, V-Day, VD-Day... take your pick.

Times like these remind me of those precious childhood years when twelve months seemed to last a decade. Honestly, wasn't it just February 2008 a short while ago? The weeks pass in a blur and we suddenly find ourselves at the first major floral holiday of the new year, Valentine's Day.

I have made clear my stance on Valentine's Day in the past. It has not changed. I'm a big fan of any holiday that celebrates the all-important L-word (or L-bomb, as so many people choose to refer to it, and in many ways they wouldn't be too far off...) I'm a fan of being able to choose how one wishes to celebrate it. Most of all, I'm a fan of anything that brings in business during this hideous recession. So buy early and buy often, folks, because when your savings have been depleted and there's virtually nothing left in your RRSP, love may not be able to pay the rent but it certainly can make times more bearable. Right?

That being said, the crew here at Edgewood is keeping busy by wiring up roses and taking orders for Saturday (and the increasingly-popular Friday, hint-hint.) We expect yours will be one of them. If you haven't chosen your floral gift already, why not do so now?

Hearts, XOs, puppy dogs and monkey cards to all.