Friday, March 27, 2015

Passover and Easter are on the way!


        We are almost at the end of March. It seems to be taking forever to get to the next month and that much closer to summer! At least April brings us Easter and Passover (at the same time too), and gives us reason to get together with our families and celebrate the occasion.  It also means that things at our shop are a flurry of activities. It takes time to order all the varieties  of flowers that we feel our clientele will love. We also receive new plants every day, and have to find room to place them all and pot them into the perfect containers. It also means that the phones are incredibly busy as we take hundreds of orders for centerpieces that will delight those who send  them and thrill those who are lucky to have them arrive at their door.

  People always ask me what is new this year, what are people sending? You would think that the question would be easy to answer wouldn’t you? But if it were that easy, we would be making everything look the same, and that is simply not the case. Everyone has different tastes, some like more exotic arrangements with birds or gingers, others like a more zen approach using green orchids with bamboo, while there are those who suffer from “too long a winter” and want to see spring, spring spring!  So every year we try to change our designs so that we keep surprising you (in a good way!).Whether it is the variety of flowers we choose or the containers we place them in, to the actual design itself. 

      The same is true for the flowering plants. I mean, there are only so many types of plants and the variety doesn’t change that much. So we take time to  decide which containers we  would like to place them in, and then add some embellishments to enhance their beauty. It all keeps us busy, and happy, it’s fun coming up with new ideas, and new designs. Why else would you go to a flower shop if not to have the best service, and best designs that are out there!

So Chag Samaech and Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and otherwise, just have a happy day!