Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015!

     Well here we are, January 6 2015. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and ushered in the New Year with hope and love. It has certainly started off interesting as far as the weather is concerned. I am sure I am not alone when it brings back memories of the ice storm which happened almost on the same date in 1998.  It seems only fitting that the flower for January 6 is the ice plant. Though I am not sure why it is called that as the flowers are anything but icy looking.

     So to usher in the New Year, and to take our minds off what a mess it is outside, I have collected some interesting “holidays” you could celebrate throughout this cold month.
     Let’s start with today, January 6, is Cuddle Up day. Aww doesn’t that sound nice, not that you should need a reason to cuddle up with your child, spouse or fluffy pooch, but if you haven’t done so lately, today is a good day to do so.
    January 8th, is Bubble bath day, soak your cold and aching bones in a fun filled bath filled with bubbly fun! It is also Clean your desk day (I think was started by a boss), which gives even more reason to have a bath when you get home!

    January 10th, Houseplant Appreciation Day. Yep, time to dust those leaves and maybe have a long talk with your green friends whom you may have not paid much attention to over the holidays!
    January 15th, National Hat Day. I think most of us Montrealers celebrate this one without even being aware of it. But should you wish to truly do it justice, go out there with your fanciest, cutest hat and have fun with it.
   January 17th, is Golf Day. Well I suppose this one is better suited for those who live in a much warmer climate, but there is always Super Mario Golf right?
  January 20th, Penguin Awareness Day. Those cute black and white flightless birds would have so much fun waddling around and sliding on their bellies down our icy roads.
  January 22. Answer Your Cats Question Day. Well I am not so sure how successful you will be in doing this, but it would be fun to try. Then again, just what would a cat ask you besides where’s the beef?

   January 24, Compliment Day. Well I guess if you still haven’t figured out what your cat was asking by now, you could just compliment him. This is obviously just a nice thing to do, so get out there and celebrate this one, make people smile!
   January 25th, Fun at Work Day. This one is for the workers and not the bosses, though it may be a good idea to include your boss in whatever fun you are doing so as not to get in too much trouble.
   January 26th, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. This is a great day! Find some bubble wrap and pop, pop POP away!!! I so appreciate the noise it makes and the fun it gives me!
  January 31st,   Backward Day. Yep today you get to do things backwards, on purpose. Wear your shirt backwards, walk backwards, epyt sdrawkcab, you name it. I like the idea of reversing diner, you know, start off with the desert!

Well that is only a few of what is out there that you can celebrate to help get through January. As long as it makes you, and those around you smile, it’s all good!