Saturday, July 15, 2017

(and my personal perspective on them)


Well it’s here at last, summertime! I know it’s hard to tell between all the rain and yucky weather we’ve been getting, but it has to improve some time right?!

   With the summer comes wedding season. One of my jobs here at Edgewood is to meet with perspective clients in regards to an upcoming event.  Which can be anything from a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, retirement party, sweet 16, first communion or just someone who’s having a BBQ and needs some decor, you name it! 

But my favourite ones are the weddings!  
I love weddings, they are such happy events, and the people I meet are simply wonderful! I must say though, that the modern age does make my job at times quite difficult. Too many pictures on the web and on Pinterest can be confusing to the wedding couple. 

They always seem to showcase large, ornate and usually very costly arrangements. Which normally cost a bit more than the average person wants to spend. Or they incorporate flowers that are very seasonal, and I have to disappoint them by informing them that the flowers they love are simply not available at that time.  So yes it’s great and pretty to look at, but keep your options open, and don’t take it out on your florist..Lol.

   Every wedding is so different, because, well let’s face it, we are all different people right?!  I especially love people who really try to incorporate themselves into the event. Whether it’s how they met, their common interests, their common dreams, etc, it helps give the decor a more personal touch, which is nice. 

 I also love when sometimes couples have an idea but don’t know how to make it work, and that’s the best!!! Figuring out how to (hopefully) make it work! Brainstorming together!  Let me tell you, it isn’t always easy, and sometimes it takes me a little to get the creative juices going, but it is fun, and very rewarding when a dream can come to fruition.

 Of course, I have also come across some ideas that should.. Let’s just say, they should stay as ideas, very quiet, non existing ideas..Lol. But that’s ok too, as long as we can laugh, relax and enjoy the whole process, then all is good.

    Weddings are certainly wonderful, but they can also be stressful at times, unfortunately. Let’s face it, marriage is a vow to a person you wish to share your life with, forever. So your wedding day is a very important day, and should be taken seriously.

But I also believe it should be a memorable, enjoyable, happy, and at times maybe even a bit of a silly day that is filled with wonder and love! (I know it’s the romantic coming out of

 My point is that it shouldn’t be just the wedding day that is memorable, but the whole process of planning and the events leading up to it! After all choosing a dress, cake, band, or even your flowers are part of that “wedding” journey.


So don’t stay in a store or venue that makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t give you the time of day, or simply leaves you feeling blah,  because IT IS all about you, not them! Both of you should be able to look back with good memories of the nice people you met who worked with you to make your day just as you envisioned it to be.


   Having worked at Edgewood now for just over 36 years (yes I started when I was I have had the pleasure in learning many different customs and religions. I’ve also been privileged with meeting such wonderful people through those years! Montreal is known for its diversity, (which I think is one of our best qualities) so the people you meet are unique as well. 

We’ve done some very large and ornate weddings, to simple justice of the peace weddings.  For some weddings it’s all about the flowers, others, not so much..Lol. I’ve dealt with almost all nationalities and gender choices, you name it.  

I’ve even dealt with only the bride and grooms mothers upon occasion, and I'm still here to talk about (just kidding) But it is true that each wedding is unique to itself, from the colour pallet, to the choice and variety of the flowers, to the style and design of the bouquets.  Isn’t that great?! 

 See, what I do simply isn’t just a job, it’s a wonderful journey that I get to share with people. Learning new things, meeting new people, experiencing all the wonders that each person brings, who could beat that!  I feel very fortunate and wanted to share that with all of you.


Let the season begin!!!