Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 14th is Mother’s Day – What flowers should you send to her?

      Once again we get the chance to say I love you and thank you to that very important person in our lives, our Mom.  I know, I know, we shouldn’t have to wait for this one particular day to let her know how great she is, we should tell her almost every day! But unfortunately, life keeps us busy, and although most of us have good intentions, I’m sure we all forget to do so from time to time. 



     In the florist industry, Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year.  Because, well, let’s face it, everyone has a mother right?!  And what woman, for the most part, would not love to receive flowers from their kids, (or anything else for that matter..LOL).


    So let’s talk about the flowers, how do you know what to send, how much should you spend? These are all very good questions, and there is no real definitive answer, however, I will try my best to help you with choosing the right selection for your mom.


    If you are one of the lucky ones, you will know exactly what variety of flowers your mom prefers, if that’s the case it’s almost too easy.  Simply order either just that type, or make sure it is included in a bouquet. 

Bird of Paradise

     The cost of course is more dependent on what type that is, as not all flowers are priced the same.  Most average between the $3 - $10 range, for example: a stem of daisies is $3, a Gerbera is $4 a rose $4.50 Lisianthus is $5 Hydrangea range from $5 to $10, bird of paradise are $7,and a large Oriental lily is $10 and so on.

 So obviously the type will help determine  the cost. Also keep in mind that it is nicer to receive something they like than something they don’t. So let’s say you wish to spend $50, and her favourite flowers are Gerbera, then why not simply send her a beautiful bouquet of only Gerbera with some nice greens and maybe some filler flowers to fluff it up a bit, you get the idea.

Oriental Lily

    Then there are those who have an idea of what kind of style their mom likes opposed to the types of flowers. Well that’s not as difficult as you think it may be. If she prefers a more modern look to things, you know stream lined, simple, elegant, then the flowers should reflect that. Calla lilies are very classy, as well are orchids, so you could maybe send her a Phalenopsis orchid plant, or some calla lilies with some interesting foliage, as an idea. If you go that route, you probably are looking to spend more around the $50 - $150 range. 

Modern vase with Calla Lily
Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Maybe your mom is the type of person who loves to work in the garden, and simply loves nature and flowers of all types. In that case, almost anything would work, though I would suggest a vase of “gardeny” type flowers.

Garden vase of flowers

 Maybe something with hydrangea, Lisianthus, gerbera, even a few roses or daisies depending on the amount you wish to spend. If this is the case, the budget is up to you. For something that is a good size, without going crazy, figure on spending from $60 - $120.
Bowl of 36 tulips

    We then go to the person who simply doesn’t have a clue what their moms like. When someone says this to me, there are 3 options (as far as I am concerned). You could go the simple classy route and send a dozen roses in a vase with some nice greenery and filler cost would be $75. 
Modern Arrangement

Another option would be a beautiful a vase of tulips. I mean who doesn’t love tulips this time of year, it’s just so spring, cost ranges from $25 -$100 (depending on how many tulips you would like). My last suggestion, when all else fails is simply an assortment of spring mix flowers.  Either done in a vase or sent as cut flowers (means mom will have to put it in a vase herself). 

Pastel Vase

Personally, I think when you send flowers, it always looks nicer when it is already done up, and Mom doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy them! The price range for this varies depending on the flowers that are selected. Usually the customer will let us know how much their budget is, and we will create a beautiful arrangement for that amount. But for those who want an idea, they start at $45 and can go to any amount.  
Large Mixed Vase

Bright and Springy
    One last thing you should also keep in mind, and that would be the colouring of your flowers. To give you an example, my mom was not a “pinky” kind of person, so I would always give her bright coloured flowers.  Maybe your mom likes the soft tones of pinks and lavenders, or maybe she likes more bold shades, like orange, purple and hot pink. Mention this when you order your flowers (if you know), so together will choose the right colour combination that will make your mom happy.

Colourful Vase
   I hope I have helped at least a few of you with what flowers you should send to your special mom for this Mother’s Day. If you need any more help, or more suggestions, don’t hesitate to call us or check our web site for more ideas.  We are very good at what we do, and pride ourselves on sending only the very best. We design each order keeping in mind of  how we ourselves would love to receive them from our loved ones.
Small vase of Tulips

We here at Edgewood want you to feel that you are getting the service, advice and all the help you may need. That way your mom not only gets the flowers that you so lovingly picked out for her, but receives them with a big, happy smile!!!

Vase of pink Roses

 Moms are far too precious, and special to be disappointed on a day that is dedicated to them! Just remember, all gifts are appreciated when given with love.