Friday, February 18, 2011

A thought or two

Having missed the opportunity to discuss Valentine's day and all the love, mushiness that is synonymous with this occasion, it is suffice to say that the day came and went in a flurry of men purchasing (more often than not) red roses by the dozen. I hope that everyone, and yes by that I mean even those who may have been alone, was able to enjoy or at least fondly reflect on someone with whom they care for. Isn't that what Valentine's day is supposed to mean? It's not just a day for "lovers" as the advertisers try to make us believe, its about love and caring. How about thinking of it like getting a big hug from someone who makes a difference in your life. Doesn't that sound good, there's nothing like a heart felt hug!
OK enough of that... lets talk about what everyone is talking about, the weather. It's been a mixed bag of this and that, but right now it's at least warm, and that always makes me think of spring. AHH SPRING!!!! Montrealers are master of the seasons and can enjoy the hottest to the coldest of days, but nothing brings out the smiles and meandering swarms of people as much as the first few sunny spring days!!
With spring comes IWD, better known as International Women's Day. This is more known as a European holiday which started in 1910 in Copenhagen. The official day of this holiday falls on March 8. It is a celebration of respect, affection and love towards women. It also celebrates women for their economic, political and social achievements. Also, for those of you whom are curious, the most popular gift to give are flowers. Children give to their teachers, bosses give to their employees, fathers to their wife and children, well, you get the idea. In Portugal, women get together and celebrate by having a "girl's night out", that sounds like fun too! It's almost like combining Valentine's day, Mothers day and women's rights all in one glorious "here's to ya" day!
North America, as a whole, is slowly starting to grasp this idea, though it is, as of yet, not official.
With the influx of so many different countries, cultures and ways of life that typical Montrealers are made up, its no wonder that every year we see more and more men buying all the women in their lives flowers to commemorate this occasion. Being a woman myself, I think it's nice to be celebrated for any reason. That being said, I think of the many things my own Mother has gone through, and done in her lifetime, her strength, virtue and love, why not celebrate her on another day, to me she deserves it 365 days plus.
So let's get the pendulum going, time to acknowledge the women in our lives, from the old to the young. Take a moment in your busy day, and celebrate who they are, and how much they truly influence our lives everyday.