Tuesday, June 12, 2012


     I have certainly been a bit remised in my updating of the blog, but I think that’s because time goes by so quickly. In an instant its tomorrow and the dynamics of everything is somehow different.  So it is with everything, we all get older; nothing remains the same, our world in constant flux.   Let’s face it, the meaning of life is all about moving forward, learning, adapting and changing with time. This is what makes us both strong and unique.
    Not only does this apply to personal growth, but business growth as well. We’ve all seen empty fields transformed to small communities, over flowing with next generation families and eager entrepreneurs. So it is with our business as well.  Having been established when Cote St. Luc was nothing but mere farm land, with only a small scattering of houses.  But there was ambition, and dreams, and thus was the beginning of a changing city.
   With growth, inevitably comes diversity.  Our way of life reflecting the stages in our society. The depression, the baby boom, computer age. and so on. Edgewood, as it is known today, has been apart of many of these changes, both to its community, customers, and to itself. We’ve seen horse drawn deliveries, the opening of the Ritz Carlton, to e-mail wedding orders.  My, how things do change with time, don’t they?
    Well, time doesn’t stop, and neither do we.  On July 9th of 2012, we will set a new precedence for our selves.  Our present location, will no longer be our home, but a part of our and Cote St. Luc’s history. Now change is not always easy, but it does quite often have the effect of filling us with renewed vigor and vitality.  A new and exciting adventure for all concerned, in our new neighborhood of Montreal West.
     Our hearts, of course saddened from leaving our “home” of so many, many years, but time marches on, and we march with it, embracing the changes it brings along. It has given us new found strength, nurtured our spirits, and rekindled our love and inspiration for what we do.   
     Edgewood, the old, now new, never forgetting its roots, but always reaching for the future.