Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

   Today is the day we all get to let loose the “crazier” side of us all. It is socially accepted, and even encouraged for us to dress up as our favorite ghoul, zombie or what ever character or creature strikes your fancy.  It has become almost a tradition to be as gruesome as possible, and to be able to scare the most strong of heart. 
    This is a holiday celebrated by trick or treating, costumes, haunted houses and fun filled parties with grotesque looking food and yes even strange floral arrangements. We also mustn’t forget the carving of the pumpkin, a task that is enjoyed by the whole family, young and old. Anything to make the atmosphere as dark and mysterious as possible,  doesn’t that sound like so much fun!!
   So get out there, and find your inner child again, and simply have fun with a holiday that encourages us to do so!!!