Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another year over...and a new one just begun.... It just goes together nicely don't you think. Well it is the end of another year and time to reflect on what the year has brought to us. The changes in our lives, our family, our work, and with those around us. Because everything in some way connects to, and affects us. It really is a small world out there!
So as we reminisce over all that has transpired throughout the year, just think how every day, every hour and every moment, that passed, has helped to create yet another layer to what makes us who we are today. With that in mind, imagine the possibilities tomorrow could bring. That is why we celebrate isn't it? Well of course, its always nice to know we made it through another but as we raise our glasses and wish those around us the best of everything, we are hoping that the promise of tomorrow will be the reality of today. Also, that in the days and months that follow, their hopes and dreams can be tangible.
So let's embrace the unknown, the uncertainty with a smile and a brave heart. There is no right or wrong way to turn, for it is what is, simple as that. And for those with dreams that seem too big, or maybe even too small, remember, its merely a month, a day, or a moment away, it's the journey that's the most important part.
So, although this post is a bit late, and the new year has already begun, I truly wish you all the very best of possibilities, may your steps be light, the mind strong and your heart full.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Can you believe that it's already mid December? It seems like only yesterday I was raking leaves in the garden..oh wait that was
Ok so the weather, well its been simply incredible for this time of year (sorry to those who ski). Though it does make it hard to get into that holiday, festive mode. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping, let alone decorating the house. Guess what I'm doing this week-end! I know that I am not alone, and there are many more of you out there who are scrambling to get everything done in time. But isn't that just part of the holidays, the running around, the long waits in the stores, and oh the stress. Not to forget the preparing meals, appetizers and sweets that make us all feel overly full and guilty for having indulged in so much wonderful decadence.
Well it is the holidays, if you can't enjoy yourself now, when else can you with perfect justification!
I just hope that during all this hustle and bustle this time of year brings, that each and everyone takes sometime to take a deep breath and actually sit back and enjoy yourself.. Because it is the holiday time, and you should be good to not only the other people in your life, but also to yourself. Actually enjoy the company of family and friends without worrying if they will like this or that, who cares, its the holidays! It's supposed to be about taking the time to be together, love one another, appreciate what it is you have, and hold on to all the ones who are dear to us!
So in reply to my last statement, I will not worry so much if my house is not perfectly decorated, or if I didn't have time to make homemade cookies. And if I have to pick up frozen entrees, well then so be it! I will remember that Christmas is a time to be with the ones you love, and to make memories that you will hold dear when perhaps that will be all you have left.
So keeping all that in mind, I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season, no matter how you celebrate them, I hope they are celebrated amongst those whom you love most. Remember the best gift of all is the gift of love, and the best gift to receive is love.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Social Networking! Huzzah!

We are pleased, proud and a bit bewildered to announce that Edgewood has a brand-new page on Facebook, as well as a Twitter account. So this is the twenty-first century...

"Like" us on Facebook at
Follow us on Twitter @edgewoodflorist

Of course, you'll have to be patient as the more... mature members of the fam learn how to use these resources.

We're open tomorrow, Sunday the 25th, from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. If you haven't placed your holiday orders yet, you should prrrrobably do that then.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rosh Hashanah September 2011

The summer has passed by very quickly it seems and it is time to start thinking about Rosh Hashanah which starts on the evening of Wednesday, September 28, 2011. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

As you can see from the photo, our greenhouses are now filled with a beautiful selection of flowering and green plants and a new selection of pots and containers to put them in. We will have some new products such as calandivas and azalea planters in addition to our perennial favourites, begonias, orchids and bromeliads. As always, our designers will be able to create beautiful centerpieces, arrangements and floral bouquets.

We will be open Sunday, September 25th from 10AM to 4PM for those of you who would like to come in and place orders or to pick up some flowers for an early start.

Take care and be well!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Passover or Easter, which ever one you happen to celebrate. I realize it is a belated wish, however, a wish worth giving is never really late. We were very busy running around making beautiful things for everyone, to help adorn their homes, and add a festive touch to their holidays. So now you will find us catching up on missed sleep, and getting ready for the next holiday, which is Mother's day.

I like Mothers day, and no its not because I happen to be a mother myself. I am very lucky, not only do I have a terrific mother, I also have a great relationship with her. She is my teacher, my confident and my friend. Unfortunately, it being always busy at work, I don't normally get to spend time with her on mothers day itself. But that's ok, she understands, and yes I too give her flowers, because it is a great way to say I'm thinking of you on this special day, even if I can't be with you.

If you think about it, there is no better gift this time of year. We all need to see beautiful, colorful, happy things after such a long and tedious winter, and very rainy spring. There are few things that are almost always guaranteed to make a mother smile, and flowers has to be one of the top ones. Ok winning lotto numbers would work really well too.

One thing I have noticed through my years working here, and that is that the messages that people come up with on the cards, well for the most part, are boring, and same old same old. With that in mind, here are a few things, sentiments that I have come up with, feel free to use any you like, and if you don't like any, that's ok too. The important thing to remember is that the message should reflect you, and be heartfelt, because, hey, its for your mom, she deserves nothing less.:

-Happy Mother's day to the one who is always on my mind, and forever in my heart.

-I may not be great with words, but I would like to say thank you mom for everything you do.

-One day, its simply not enough to celebrate someone as special as you.

-May I one day be celebrated as someone as special as you.

-No matter what I may have done, or said, you were always there for me, thanks mom

-I realize as I get older, that being a mother is not always easy. So I want to say thanks for putting up with everything, I love you.

-Flowers are Mother Nature best creation, and you deserve nothing else but the best

-Happy Mothers day to a mom who deserves being honored and loved 364 more times a year

-Happy wonderful, beautiful, terrific and special mothers day. It must have been created especially for you.

Well I hope it helped a little bit. Have a wonderful celebration with your mothers, grand mothers and great grand mothers, they deserve a day to be pampered and loved.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Green

Slowly, the floral industry is going green. Ironic isn't it? An industry based on nature's beauty also incorporates some of the worst practices. The chemical controls of the past are slowly changing to more natural controls of pests. As the consumer because more educated to the dangers of such products, so does the need for safer methods of keeping these pests and problems in check in order to grow a quality product. I always use the rabbit analogy, rabbits on an island with no foxes will quickly breed and multiple to an overwhelming population, eventually causing disease and death. A greenhouse gives safe haven and an "island" to many pests which take advantage of no "foxes".

One of the growers from whom we buy popular items such as begonias, tulips, kalanchoe and geraniums has started to use biological controls such as predator insects to help control these possible population explosions. Every week, an analysis is done using factors such as crop varieties, weather conditions and indoor conditions to properly disperse thousands of insects to control pests so that chemicals need not be used.

Being green does come with a price, that is something we must keep in mind. Isn't it worth paying a little bit more to get a quality product which have been grown in conditions agreable with nature and with inside of your home?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A thought or two

Having missed the opportunity to discuss Valentine's day and all the love, mushiness that is synonymous with this occasion, it is suffice to say that the day came and went in a flurry of men purchasing (more often than not) red roses by the dozen. I hope that everyone, and yes by that I mean even those who may have been alone, was able to enjoy or at least fondly reflect on someone with whom they care for. Isn't that what Valentine's day is supposed to mean? It's not just a day for "lovers" as the advertisers try to make us believe, its about love and caring. How about thinking of it like getting a big hug from someone who makes a difference in your life. Doesn't that sound good, there's nothing like a heart felt hug!
OK enough of that... lets talk about what everyone is talking about, the weather. It's been a mixed bag of this and that, but right now it's at least warm, and that always makes me think of spring. AHH SPRING!!!! Montrealers are master of the seasons and can enjoy the hottest to the coldest of days, but nothing brings out the smiles and meandering swarms of people as much as the first few sunny spring days!!
With spring comes IWD, better known as International Women's Day. This is more known as a European holiday which started in 1910 in Copenhagen. The official day of this holiday falls on March 8. It is a celebration of respect, affection and love towards women. It also celebrates women for their economic, political and social achievements. Also, for those of you whom are curious, the most popular gift to give are flowers. Children give to their teachers, bosses give to their employees, fathers to their wife and children, well, you get the idea. In Portugal, women get together and celebrate by having a "girl's night out", that sounds like fun too! It's almost like combining Valentine's day, Mothers day and women's rights all in one glorious "here's to ya" day!
North America, as a whole, is slowly starting to grasp this idea, though it is, as of yet, not official.
With the influx of so many different countries, cultures and ways of life that typical Montrealers are made up, its no wonder that every year we see more and more men buying all the women in their lives flowers to commemorate this occasion. Being a woman myself, I think it's nice to be celebrated for any reason. That being said, I think of the many things my own Mother has gone through, and done in her lifetime, her strength, virtue and love, why not celebrate her on another day, to me she deserves it 365 days plus.
So let's get the pendulum going, time to acknowledge the women in our lives, from the old to the young. Take a moment in your busy day, and celebrate who they are, and how much they truly influence our lives everyday.