Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Edgewood has been invaded by rockstars.

Once in awhile, an opportunity so unusual and off-the-wall comes up, and one has no choice but to seize it. Edgewood, still sleepy from a slumbersome winter, enjoyed one such opportunity this week. My dear friends from the francophone pop band Chinatown, glistening from the completion of their debut album, were tapped to grace the cover of an upcoming issue of Nightlife magazine and were scouting for possible photo shoot locations. The idea of Edgewood came up, and preparations were swiftly made to photograph Pierre-Alain, FĂ©lix, Julien, Toby and Gabriel in our verdant Cote St. Luc home.

By eleven o'clock this very morning, our greenhouses were flush with photographers, stylists, makeup artists and of course, the Chinatown boys themselves. The experience, a first for us, was an incredibly positive and memorable one. I mean, it's not every day that I get to have five attractive males changing clothes in my office, but that aside, the band and crew were exceptionally gracious, professional and delightful to work with.

The issue of Nightlife with the Chinatown cover story will be widely available - for free - at about a million distribution points around Montreal at the end of April. Find out which one is closest to you. You can also learn more about Chinatown and their pop magnificence by checking out their MySpace and their blog.