Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well, we certainly got some snow this week! So, because of this I have decided to share some snow facts I have uncovered.

     Did you know that snowflakes are actually clear and colorless? They have many tiny surfaces which reflect light, and the little bit of light that actually gets absorbed by the snowflake is what gives it its white appearance. Just think if snowflakes were to stay clear, how would you know how much fell, or where to shovel. Think how much darker the winter time would be without the snow reflecting the moonlight.  And it certainly wouldn’t look so pretty outside when the heavy snow sticks and rests on all the empty tree branches.

     Were you aware that there is a difference between a blizzard and a snowstorm? In order for a storm to be labeled a blizzard it must have the following 3 conditions:
 1 – Visibility is such that you can’t see for ¼ mile (.6 Klm)
2 – The storm must last for at least 3 hours
 3 – The winds must be at least 35 miles an hour (56 km an hour) or higher for those 3 hours. If you miss even one of these, it’s just a snowstorm, no problem!

    Did you also know that 80% of all the freshwater on earth is frozen. This is either frozen as ice or snow.  This amount also accounts for 12% of the earth’s surface.

    All snowflakes have 6 sides; you will just have to take my word for this one as the explanation has all to do about chemistry and would take too much time to describe.

   Snowflakes are made from water vapor that freezes (when the temp. is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees Celsius) as they form into crystals they are joined by other crystals, until they become too heavy and fall as snow. Each snowflake is made up of approximately 200 crystals. They also fall to the ground at about 3-4 mph (5 – 6.5 klm)

     According to the Guinness book of world records, the largest snowflake ever found was in Fort Keogh, Montana on January 28, 1887. This flake measured 15 inches across and 8 inches thick. I have no idea how they could have measured this without it melting, but there you have it.

Well that’s about it for your snow facts. As a Montrealer, I do love the snow; it is so pretty, and fun to build things in. I don’t particularly like the driving sometimes, but we do what we need to do. So go out and observe this wonderful winter phenomena, you can’t stop it from coming, so you may as well appreciate and enjoy that wonderful thing we call snow!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sprucing up your November blues

 November, can you believe it! Where does the time go? I find that this month, out of all the other months of the year, is one of the longest and the most dark. The days are shorter, the leaves are gone, and until the snow arrives, it's just plain gloomy outside.

 So how can we perk things up a bit? Well we can start by enhancing our front entrances, making them cozy and appealing. I think it is much nicer to enter a house that gives me the feeling of home, than a house that is bare and cold looking. So how about some lovely winter urns? 

    They certainly add much needed greenery, and a sense of warmth. Though it is best not to have them outside before the cold weather sets in (freezing point or bit lower, works best).  That way the water will freeze and seal in the moisture in the greenery.  You should also use winter hardy greenery like cedar, fir and certain varieties of pine. Your urns can easily be spruced up with some preserved eucalyptus, branches (birch, curly will, and dogwood), pine cones etc.

   There is no shortage in the variety of styles, sizes and designs for your outdoor urns. They can be simple and not too big for those with minimal space, or very tall and large for those with lots of room to work with.  They can be as glitzy or as natural as you like. We all have different tastes, and preferences, so your urns should reflect that.  

   If you already have garden urns in the front, we can easily use those, providing you remove the soil before it freezes. We only require the dimensions of your container so that we can arrange your winter urn in something that will fit appropriately.  If you do not have an outside urn, we do have some here in a variety of color, so it is not a problem at all.

So beat those November blues, enhance your home and lift up your spirits, get a wonderful winter urn for your home. You can even add your own lights to brighten it up even more! It’s a simple way to warm your heart every time you go home. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


     Well, here we are the end of October. Tomorrow is old Hallows eve, better known as Halloween. The day we get to dress up, and for a short time, be someone (or something) different.
    Some of us go all out for this usually macabre day. By decorating their homes inside and out with ghastly ghosts, witches and broomsticks, to tombstones and spider webs. I have seen many houses that are wonderfully done. And although it does take a lot of time and effort, I think it brings a smile to all of us when we see the end results.
    I always liked Halloween; I think it is a fun day and should be treated as such. There is a kid inside every one of us, so let out that inner child!! Paint your hair grey or green, and then paint your face to match. And although there are the traditional costumes like the witches, ghosts and princesses, learn to think outside the box.  I have seen people dressed up as toilets, jelly beans, grandfather clocks, spiders etc., let your imagination go wild!
   Now I know some of you are thinking, what does Halloween have to do with flowers? Besides the usual pumpkin arrangement, autumn colored vase of flowers or garden mums decorating outside, how about using floral products to make or enhance your costumes. You could use fresh greenery to become a forest goblin, or curly willow to become that daunting tree monster. You could even make a bridal bouquet to go with that zombie bride outfit (we could even paint the flowers black to match).  So behind every interesting concept, there could be floral products used to bring out the best of many costumes!! Isn’t this so much fun, I just love Halloween.
  So go out there and have some fun. Remember your costume is only as good as your imagination and the willingness to try something different.
Happy Halloween!!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

For your floral information...

Here is the official flower for each province and territory in Canada, as well as the year it was made official.

                           British Colombia:  Pacific Dogwood

 This has been their official flower since 1956. It grows on very tall trees in the months of April and May

                                   Alberta : Wild Rose    

In 1930, school children chose this to be their flower. It can be found from Quebec to B.C.

                               Saskatchewan:Western Red Lily

This tall flower can be found in meadows and in 1941 became Saskatchewan's official flower.
                                  Manitoba: Prairie Crocus

In 1906, this lavender colored flower was voted in by the school children. You can find it flowering in the early springtime.

                                Ontario: White Trillium

In 1937 this three petal, three leafed flower was made this provinces official flower. It grows in the forest in the spring.

                                Quebec: Blue Flag Iris 

This Iris family flower is relatively new as Quebec's official flower. It used to be The Madonna Lily (for about 36 years). But this flower is not native to Quebec, so in 1999 it was changed to the Blue Flag Iris.

                               New Brunswick: Purple Violet  

In wet meadows and forests you can find this province's official flower. It has had this title since 1936.

                               Nova Scotia: Mayflower   

 Named after the ship that carried early American settlers (1620), this flower can be found growing all along the east coast. In 1901 it has earned its title as Nova Scotia's  floral emblem.

                         Prince Edward Island: Lady's Slipper

This flower that resembles a ladies shoe, grows in the cool shade of the forest, and blooms in early spring. It has been P.E.I.'s flower since 1947 

                  Newfoundland and Labrador: Picture Plant

This carnivorous plant is justly named. It can hold water like a picture, the insects go in and are trapped. It's uniqueness has been honored by Newfoundland and Labrador since 1954 as its provincial flower.

                                Yukon Territory: Fireweed

In 1957 the Yukon Territory chose the Fireweed as its floral emblem. This flower grows along rivers and road sides, and in open spaces. It is the first plant to grow after a fire, thus its appropriate name.

                             Northwest Territory:Mountain Avens 

This small white flower became this Territory's flower in 1957. It is able to grow in high altitude among the rocks.

                           Nunavut Territory: Purple Saxifraga

This small bright purple flower can be found all over the Nunavut Territory. It grows in cool climates and covers the rocks like a mat. Makes sense as why it is their flower since the year 2000

       Canada as a country does not have its own particular flower, but our beloved maple leaf, which is its unofficial emblem.

Friday, July 25, 2014


   Well, here we are past mid July.  It’s amazing how fast time goes by, isn’t it? July usually bring us some quieter days as many of our customers are away on vacation, thus having no need for flowers. Also, many have wonderful gardens, and take advantage of them by creating their own fresh arrangements using their finest home grown beauties. So the days here sometimes feel a little longer this time of year. It’s a good thing people are still getting married and having big celebrations requiring our expertise, they do keep us hopping.  
     You know we all expect flowers at major events right? Those big monumental ones like weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, births, and such. What about those smaller events in life that can be just as important. With kids, there are so many, obviously school related things like reading their first whole sentence, getting past that math problem, getting an A, actually doing homework without being asked (lol ok, maybe these don’t work in the summer). Then how about riding their bike without the training wheels, swimming a length of the pool, and helping with the chores around the house (without being asked), hitting that baseball and almost making it to first base. So many wondrous things we sometimes overlook, that maybe deserves a little something special.
     Even as we get older, yes believe it or not, we all like to be recognized for something that we’ve achieved, no matter the age, no matter how simple the achievement. Don’t you think an impromptu rose, or little plant, or small arrangement delivered to that person for having done something, achieved something, would make them feel all the more special? It doesn’t take much, it doesn’t have to be huge, but it does enrich the lives of those who give them, and for those who receive them. Simple isn’t it?   

     So off you go, make that call, order your “you did great” flowers and spread the love. Enjoy the summer, stay cool, stay happy, and be good to each other.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The CBC visits Edgewood!

It was a delight to receive Tanya Birkbeck and the CBC Montreal crew at our shop last Saturday afternoon as part of their search for signs of spring in the city. We showed off our brightest blooms and advised on the best floral picks for the season... a season which should be arriving any day now, right?

You can watch the broadcast HERE - skip to 20:30 for our segment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

International Women's Day

      Here we are, nearing the month end of February.  I know it’s our shortest month, but this year it seems exceptionally long. Isn’t it funny how zero degrees Celsius with no wind can sound sooo very warm and inviting…lol. We should look on the bright side ... 3 more days till March, and then hopefully  the worst should be over. 
     March brings with it many wonderful things. Our clocks go forward (daylight saving time) on March 9th. This means the sun will light our sky till 7 pm, bringing spring that much closer to us.  Now doesn’t that just warm you up, and make you smile  just thinking about it?  But before that happens, to be precise, exactly a day before, on March 8th, is International Women’s Day!!  This is a very special day as well.  It is a day to celebrate the achievements, the hardship, the support, the courage and love that women throughout the ages have done, and continue to do.
     Women have contributed greatly to our way of life as it is today.  There have been a great number of notable women through history, such as Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Golda Meir, Valentina Tereshkova, Joan of Arc and Susan B. Anthony just to name a few. But this day is not only to commemorate those in history, but every woman.  That means your mother, your sister, your daughter, your co-worker, your friend, even that lady crossing guard who holds the stop sign outside in the cold of winter… ALL WOMEN. So how do we celebrate International Women’s Day, why with flowers of course.
      What better way to say “Happy International Women’s day” than giving a bouquet of flowers to the women in your life.  You simply can’t go wrong with flowers,  especially this time of year when it’s so cold and wintery, it’s like a promise of spring to the people we appreciate.
  International Women’s Day is widely observed in Europe, even more than Valentine ’s Day here. Though it is slowly becoming much better known and popular here in North America as well.  I think that there are so many women that affect our lives each and everyday, why not acknowledge them.  Besides, there is nothing better than making a woman smile, and also appreciate you and your thoughtfulness.  See, it’s a win win situation!
   Now many of you may not know what kind of flowers to give, I don’t think it really matters. All flowers are beautiful when given from the heart.
   So happy International Women’s day to all the women out there, hope you enjoy the day and receive lots of flowers from those around you.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day!

There is nothing like a cold February day to make us want to simply cuddle up to the one we love.  So it is quite fitting that Valentines Day is celebrated in the middle of the month.  February 14th is the day we tell those whom we love, how we feel.  Besides the simple whispering of the words in their ears, it has become almost customary to shower them with gifts as a sign of our devotion. 

    As love has to do with our hearts, Valentine’s is also synonymous with the color red.  So everywhere you go, big red hearts can be seen!!  They come in the guise of chocolates, balloons, jewelry, cards, almost anything you can think of, and they can only be found (for the most part) only on this special day. 
   So what do most people send their significant others, well that would be roses. Yep, and of course, red roses! They send them single in a bud vases, mix them in with other flowers (again mostly red and white), or along with big heart shaped balloons, chocolates or cuddly teddy bears.  But most often, they send them by the dozens.  The rose has always been associated with love, especially the red rose.  So if a guy sends you red roses on Valentine’s Day (or any other day), it is his way of saying I love you!! 
   So I hope that you all have a special someone in your life, and that he or she, will shower you with roses and chocolates and everything else that will make you smile on this coming Valentine’s Day!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


 OK, so I am a little late - but, as they say, better late than never!! See, this is what happens when we go through a very hectic holiday season, we get a little tired and forgetful (this is me making excuses for my tardiness.)  That being said, I would like to extend everyone's wishes here, to all of you out there, for a year full of joyful memories, loving family and friends, health, happiness and prosperity!!  Let's make 2014 the year to remember with a smile on our face, and a spring in our step!!