Friday, March 22, 2013

"Ici, on commerce avec l'amour!"

Our girl Jess was featured in the first ad released by Provocateur Communications' campaign for linguistic tolerance in Quebec, "Ici, on commerce avec l'amour!" We've no shortage of love for the guys in Provocateur (indeed, they were invaluable in helping us revitalize the Edgewood brand when we moved last summer,) and we're so thrilled at the positive message put forth by this initiative. That's why when the Global news team stopped by to hear our thoughts on the issue of language tensions, we welcomed them into the shop - even amidst our Passover craziness!

Here's the clip from Thursday night's newscast.

You can find the original ad, which has garnerned over 250 000 views in the past four days, HERE.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passover and Easter!

Although the weather seemingly has yet to get the memo on this, Spring on its way! 
The two holidays that traditionally herald the thaw - Passover and Easter - are being celebrated very early this year. The first Passover seder falls on a Monday, 25 March, at sundown, with Easter following a week later, on Sunday the 31st. 

As always, Edgewood has you covered for all your holiday gift-giving needs. Our flowering plant assortment is gradually arriving, and we've incorporated it into our shop displays, which you can glimpse below. We're also expecting a blast of gorgeously-coloured springtime cut flowers!

Best to get your orders in early - Passover is already two weeks away, and things are sure to get busy around here. Make your selections online, by phone, or by paying us a visit. Happy Spring!