Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hand Cream and Plants: Together at Last.

I built a rack with my bare hands. For YOU, dear customers. Actually, I didn't really build it per se... rather, I put it together. One of those "some assembly required" thingies. Anyway, the rack itself doesn't matter; the things on it do! (That was a weirdly-constructed sentence and I apologize.)

We went out on a limb at the CGTA show a few weeks ago. We found this really special line of skin care products that we felt would jive with Edgewood. So, knowing little about how to market creams and soaps to a clientele not used to seeing them within our walls, we decided to take a chance. I do kind of spend a disproportionate amount of time at the Clinique counter, so maybe that'll give me a leg up...

It's called McBlooms. Using naturally-derived ingredients, including botanicals, this line takes its inspiration from the very plants and flowers you see every day at Edgewood. With so many bath and body concepts available on the market today, McBlooms has focused on what they consider to be the essence of their skin care range: simple packaging; reasonable prices; a subtle, pleasing fragrance and of course, a product that really works. Their Extremely Rich Cream even soothed Murray's mangled florist's hands, which is no small feat.

We've chosen a small yet solid assortment of McBlooms products with which to introduce the brand at Edgewood. There's a selection of gift sets (perfect for the upcoming holiday,) a travel pouch full of goodies for the snowbirds who will be heading south in a few months, and that amazing Extremely Rich Cream that so impressed us at the gift show. I hope you'll stop by and check it out. If you're nice, I have a few samples that I selectively part with...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gearing up for Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah, a.k.a. Jewish New Year, begins at sundown on Wednesday, September 12th. One of the year's busiest holidays, we set the cogs in motion pretty early to ensure that we have enough product to satisfy the piles of orders that come in... and yes, they've already started.

About 3/4 of this season's selections have been put up on the website ( - as always, under "Our Own Unique Designs". The rest will be added as soon as samples are created and photographed, likely at the beginning of next week.

For our customers who enjoy the luxury of visiting the shop to place orders, the holiday Selection Guide will appear in-store next Wednesday for your perusing pleasure. I find the Selection Guide a clear and complete way to showcase all the goodies available for giving and getting. Our Passover edition was a big success and I've been having a good time putting this one together.

A few highlights...
  • The "Garden Urns" - a combination of green and flowering plants in an embossed copper-look planter. We're featuring three different sizes this season, from a cute tabletop accent to a massive, dramatic statement.
  • Our ceramic planter went over well at Passover, so we're bringing it back - slightly modified, of course - for this holiday.
  • Bunches of multicolored Glads and dazzling Sunflowers. Mixed bouquets have become sort of old hat; here's a fresh direction that packs a lot of punch.
  • And of course, our luscious flowering plants. You demand, we supply... and this season's assortment is lush and leafy, with some cute new containers!

Let this serve as a reminder to call, log on or visit NOW to place your New Year's orders. We're looking forward to a crazy, but exciting, September.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Succumbing to the monster that is Facebook.

Hi, all.

Murray has been so kind as to maintain this blog over the past couple of months... thanks, Murr.

It took nearly a year, but two months ago I bit the bullet and joined Facebook. I am now hopelessly addicted, and feel it's only fair to drag Edgewood down with me. That being said, I am proud to present the Edgewood Greenhouses group, now up and running on Facebook. Tell your friends, family and anybody else who might be acquainted with our crazy microcosm; I want lots and lots of people to join... at least as many as "You can't bring sexy back without a receipt."

Monday, August 6, 2007

Some much needed rain!

Finally today we received some much needed rain. Although we would all prefer this to come at night while we are sleeping, the ground was in much need of the water. Cracks and yellow patches were starting to show up. We have started discussing the need to be corporately responsible and start watching how we use water. We have started to look at ways to recycle the water we use without the use of chemicals and to collect rain water, store it and use it at a future time. Hopefully I will have more to report in the future on this subject.