Thursday, August 27, 2015

Say it with flowers!

Have you ever wanted to send somebody the perfect gift that is reflective of who they really are, or what they truly mean to you?  Well if so, have you ever thought of putting together flowers that can do just that?

  Yep, not only are flowers beautiful and can so wonderfully enhance your home, they also have meaning. Flowers have had a role in our lives since “forever”, from using their scent, or using herbs to heal us. But it wasn’t really until the Victorian age that we really put thought and words to them.  So much so that it became common place in upper society to put together a small bouquet of flowers (known as Tussie-Mussies), where secret messages were sent by combining the right flowers together. Doesn’t that sound so mysteriously fun?!  So popular is the idea of giving flowers meaning, that we have even given a name for this, “floriography”.

   Now there are many web sites that will give you the meaning of hundreds of flowers, and even the color of each flower can relate to something completely different. Some have common meanings, and some are totally different. So if you wish to send someone a secret thought, you may want to make sure you research it well. Or perhaps send along a link in the card message so that the one who receives your flowers will get the correct meaning and not throw them back in your face, LOL.

  So now that you have a little bit of history on the subject, I have compiled a list of a few flowers to start you on your way of secret messaging that someone special.

 Agapanthus – Immortality  

 Alstroemeria - Devotion, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, Friendship,

Amaryllis -Pride, determination, Dramatic

Anemone - Forsaken, Refusal, Abandonment, Sincerity

 Aster – love, daintiness
 Baby’s Breath - Pure heart, Happiness, Festivity
 Bells of Ireland – Good Luck

Calla Lily – Magnificence and beauty

  Carnation – Red – love, pride, admiration
                      Pink – a woman’s/mothers love
                      White – innocence, pure love
                      Yellow – disdain, rejection or disappointment
                      Purple - capriciousness (inconsistent)
                      Striped – Refusal

Chrysanthemum – Abundance, optimism

Dahlia – Inner strength, creativity, forever yours,

Daisy - Innocence, Loyal Love, happiness, Purity

Delphinium – big hearted, fun, infinite possibility

Freesia - Trust, Spirited

Gladiola - Sincererity, faith, Strength Of Character

 Heather - Admiration, Solitude, mystery

Iris -  Faith, Valor, Wisdom, Inspiration

 Larkspur – Levity, lightness of heart

Lilies – Pink –wealth, pride
           White – virginity, purity, Majesty
           Orange – hatred, dislike
            Yellow – gaiety, gratitude

Rose – White – Innocent, pure
             Red – Love, Romance
            Yellow – friendship, Joy, get well
            Lavender – enchantment, love at first sight
            Pink – Love, gratitude, appreciation
            Orange – Desire, enthusiasm, passion

Stock - Bonds of Affection, You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me, Promptness

Sunflower -  Tall – false riches, pride
                      Short - Adoration


Tulip – General -Love, Symbol of the Perfect Lover
            Red – decloration of love, believe me
            Yellow – There’s sunshine in your  smile
            Variegated – beautiful eyes

Zinnia - Lasting Affection, Rememberance

Well I hope you found your favorite flower, and that the meaning was a good and positive one! Have some fun and see what combinations you can put together, then jot them down so that the next time you want to send someone flowers, make sure it truly means something!